Pagani design which manufactures luxury men’s watches is a relatively new Chinese company that hasn’t been around for decades. Not many people know about this brand since it recently emerged and is making its deserved place in the market. But the few people who know about it and have tried it have only positive comments about these elegant and sophisticated Pagani design watches.

If you are also thinking about buying a pagani design watch but are confused in this regard, this article will surely help you out. In the following paragraphs, you will see some of the most prominent features these watches offer to their users. Decide after reading the post according to your requirements!

Most Prominent Features That Pagani Design Watches Offer

Extremely Reasonable Price

Obviously, not everyone can afford a Rolex or an omega because they cost a fortune and are heavy on the waiting list. Keeping this in mind, Pagani design manufactures top-notch luxury homage watches, which are available at a fraction of the original price. Looking at the price tag, you may question that there must be a compromise on quality with these prices. But that’s the fun part, although, with very low prices, you will get a watch that will be no less than a luxury watch, either in style or in fashion.

Watch Dial

Pagani design mainly concentrates on the dial to make it look as close to other luxury watches as possible. The textured background of the dial is made in such a way that it catches and reflects the light in the best way possible. Furthermore, the engravings and the sub-engraved rings combined with the auto-date section in the dial are very sophisticated. Finally, the hands are kept slim and straightforward with the right amount of lume, making it one of the best homage luxury watches out there.

Last but not least, Pagani watches feature a curved glass over the dial, which screams quality. It’s some kind of hardlex glass that will offer scratch protection quality. The cover under the dial, as well as the side pushers, are engraved with the elegant Pagani logo. The grip of the pushers is high, and the shape complements the whole watch.

Water And Shock Resistant

Many people want a water-resistant feature in their watch for obvious reasons. Pagani watches feature a water-resistant bar of 30 meters, so you cannot swim with this watch. It’s more of a splashproof watch. It also offers a shock-resistant quality, and the cover is made of stainless steel.


A hybrid Mecha-quartz movement system powers this watch. This fantastic system urges a smooth motion in this mechanical watch. The press of the button will make the watch auto-self wind. The hand will go back at the 12’oclock engraving silently, which makes this watch distinct from other homage watches.

Band And Clasp

Pagani design watches keep a good quality inorganic leather strap. The clasp is made up of stainless steel and features a translucent Pagani logo. The admiring quality of these watches is that they come in really cool packaging. The padded gift box is made of really nice quality, and the design and imprint are also luxurious.

The Bottom line

Looking at all the features above that are offered by Pagani watches are admirable at such a reasonable price. There are also many different shapes and styles available so that you can choose from casual fashion watches to business style or sportswear watches. There are various sophisticated colors that you can choose from too. So, if you want to get a little taste of luxury at a low price, Pagani design watches are the best way to go!


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