The HD car welcome lights, ghost shadow lights, or courtesy door lights for automobiles are all terms describing the highly apparent and bright projection that a car door light projector creates on the ground. The improved quartz glass version of the car door logo lights has been adopted; all of them are non-fading door lights, and they are at least three times brighter and more robust than the door projector lights made of plastic film.

Over 40 models, including all the new logo images, are available. Simple plug-and-play installation, with no harm done to your original automobile! Furthermore, it allowed for the customization of logos and graphics to create customized car door puddle lights.

We recall that the first generation of automobile welcome lights appeared between 2010 and 2011. Some manufacturers installed 3D laser logo lights under the doors of the cars to project various patterns that showed their sense of style. The first-generation door projector lights then began to sell well globally in the year 2012.

What are Projector Lights for Car Doors?

It also goes by the name courtesy door light. The specified logo picture is presented on the illuminated object through the lens behind the film when the LED light source is reflected onto the film through the lens. The interior design of the car welcome light is shown below to demonstrate how the desired effect is produced by a sequence of optical reactions.

The car welcome lights are utilized primarily at the position of the car door. They can display your car’s distinctive personality and make it seem beautiful, while also illuminating the path to the entrance for the passengers and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

How Do You Select Appropriate Car Door Lights?

Drilling Hole Welcome Light

There is no requirement for changing batteries, and the door lights won’t slip off once they are installed. Drilling whole welcome lights are an early type of door light that is perfect for a variety of autos. Although it uses plastic films and needs wiring and cutting holes in the vehicle door, it will eventually get discolored and distorted.

Battery Paste Wireless Door Lights

Battery Paste Wireless door lights are affordable and easy to install, using stickers to attach to the door lights. However, the adhesive pads are not strong enough to hold the lights in place. Utilizing plastic films, the logo pattern will start to fade after several months of use.

Plug and Play Door Lights

Plug-and-play door lights are 100% compatible with the vehicle and do not require drilling or other modifications to the original vehicle. However, if it continues to employ plastic films, the car door logo lights will undoubtedly start to fade with time.

Non-Fading Plug & Play Door Lights

Non-fading plug-and-play door lights are a class of door lights that offer the benefits of a plug-and-play welcome light while also improving heat dissipation through the use of a nano-superconducting heat sink to ensure high-temperature resistance. It features non-fading quartz glass films to ensure that even after extended use, brightness and clarity are always present.

Because of this, experts heartily propose non-fading car door lights, which can help your welcome lights stay continuously brilliant and prevent unpleasant fading.

Final Wording

Car door lights, also known as courtesy door lights, were initially utilized as exit lighting and warnings when a car door was about to open. The installation of those initial welcome lights required drilling holes in the car door since they utilized big projection tubes. Modern vehicles typically still feature the original door welcome lights that are mounted beneath the door or beneath the rearview mirror. When you open the door at night, the goal is to illuminate the ground beneath your feet. Because of this, a lot of individuals desire to update the door lights and give their cars a fresh look.


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