Closure hair bundles are packs of hair extensions with frontal closures. Bundles with closure are made up of two primary components. The first is the hair bundles, a pack of extensions sewn to a weft. One pack contains up to 100 grams worth of hair extensions and the second component is closure. A closure is a section of hare created to replicate the natural human scalp. It features a mesh lace on which hairs are sewn. The closure usually goes at the front and center parts of the head. This post discusses how to choose closure hair bundles.

How to choose the best closure hair bundles

There are numerous closure hair bundle options on the market. Below is a guide for how to make the right choice;

1. Determine the type of hair bundles with the closure you want

You must first determine which type of hair bundles with closures you wish to get. You do not have to decide between walking into a store or clicking on a website that sells closure hair bundles. You can make a choice based on what you see at the store. You must consider the available options and choose the right size and quantity. More often than not, the closure hair bundle sizes are calculated in grams. The more the grams, the more the hair bundles. The length of the hairs in the bundle is also something worth considering. On the other hand, the type of hair, like human or synthetic hair, is also an element to consider.

2. Determine the number of hair closure hair bundles you need

You must also determine the quantity of closure hair bundles you will require. Multiple factors will determine the number of bundles you get;

  • Length- the length of the hairs will influence the number of bundles you require. Naturally, the shorter the hair, the more bundles you will need to get a good volume. More often than not, the length makes up for the low volume.
  • Your head size will also influence how many hair bundles you need. You will need more bundles for a smaller head and vice versa.
  • Weight- the weight of the hair will dictate the number of hair bundles. For heavy hair, you will need fewer packs and vice versa.

3. Determine the type of lace material for closure hair bundles

Naturally, closure hair bundles come with varying lace materials. The lace is mostly found on the closure, and the rest of the wig features thicker materials. You can choose from various laces, including transparent and HD laces. Ensure to look up the pros and cons of the laces beforehand.


You can create a fantastic wig from hair closure hair bundles. You must make the right choice and research the right procedure for making the wig. Making a complete wig from closure hair bundles is simple, with the right procedure. However, you can also seek assistance from a professional wig maker or a hairstylist.


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