Buying an Android TV box is a way of investing. Sadly, for most people, purchasing an android box for television is not a straightforward process; that has made them reluctant to make a purchase move. If you have been in such a situation, today is your day because we will let you know the things to focus on most so that you buy with ease. A good decision makes you appreciate what you buy. That said, it would be best to consider some factors to ensure you have the best Android TV box.

Aspects to guide you when buying the best Android TV box

The best Android TV box will ensure you enjoy operational efficiency. Therefore, you ought to consider a few aspects to end up with the best. Sometimes buying whatever you come across does not mean you will get a poor-quality TV box. The challenge is that you might not get what you need. Here are several features you should look into before you buy an Android TV box.

The storage

The amount of memory space an Android TV box has should matter significantly in your buying decision. An android TV box with enough memory can make your device operate efficiently. Make sure to select one with adequate space. Also, consider checking whether your selected TV box supports external storage.

The processing unit

The processing unit of your Android TV box can determine its efficiency levels. Thus, make sure that the processing unit is one of the first things you consider before purchasing. For instance, a CPU of Quad-core ARM Cortex-A55 can ensure you enjoy operation efficiently. A GPU of ARM G31 MP2 also allows for optimal performance. Also, consider a TV box that supports the latest Android.

Android TV box price

In the market, the Android TV boxes are available at different prices. Several factors affect pricing, such as the latest technology use, performance, and the quality of the device. Before you purchase, check several TV box prices in the store. Check the features and get one whose features and quality match your pre-set budget.

Display and video quality

The image quality can determine whether you will enjoy the Android TV box. Thus, ensure you prioritize the image quality. A high-resolution display ensures that the image quality is excellent. At the same time, a low-resolution display guarantees a lower quality display. Also, consider the refresh rate of the TV box. The best refresh rate ensures you enjoy a high-efficiency video and quality display.

TV box Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity in your device ensures that you can use it to transfer data from phone to TV box. Read the specifications to know whether the selected Android TV box accepts Bluetooth connectivity. The Bluetooth connection will enhance your device’s enjoyment levels.


The process of purchasing the best Android TV box requires one to apply caution. A TV box is an investment that can influence the quality of your enjoyment. Thus, you must study its features first before you make your buying decision. The best features can guarantee optimal enjoyment levels and a high-quality device. Buy the best devices from Geniatech.


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