Whether you live in a house or an apartment, it’s likely that you have one central Wi-Fi router. This makes it easy to connect everything in your home, but it also means that any devices connected to the network will be weakly connected. Adding multiple networks gives you more options for devices you want to connect and allows you to hide some of those connections from other devices. Upgrading your wireless antenna is one of the best ways to improve the range and speed of your wireless connections and make sure that every device can find its way onto your network easily. Here’s how upgrading your WiFi antenna works, what kind of improvements you can expect from an upgrade, and which antennas are worth investing in.

What is a wireless antenna?

Wireless routers (or access points) are devices that allow multiple devices to connect to a network wirelessly. The router then “sees” the wireless network and decides what devices are “inside” its network and which are “out”. It then communicates with the devices to let them connect. Conversely, wireless antennas are the devices that the router connects to receive the wireless signal. Wireless routers are not just wireless transmitters; they are also wireless receivers. The first wireless routers used external wireless antennas that looked like this: In order for wireless routers to work well, wireless antennas need to be able to receive wireless signals. If the wireless signal has to go through many walls or other obstacles, it will be weak and may not reach the wireless router at all.

What kind of improvements should you see after an upgrade?

When you upgrade your wireless antenna, you can expect the signal strength to be much stronger and the data transfer speeds to increase as well. Most routers come with a standard antenna, which is the antenna that’s usually included in the box. If your router has a better antenna, it can replace the standard antenna. This can be one of the easiest upgrades you do as it doesn’t require you to replace any devices or cables. You can just swap the antenna in your router and you’ll be good to go.

Which antennas are worth investing in?

When you’re upgrading your wireless antenna, you have a variety of options to choose from. These include the brand of the router, the model of the router, and the antenna included with the router. Tesswave is one of the best wifi antenna manufacturer, their antennas are well-reviewed by customers and offer great value for the price. If you want the best possible performance from your router, you should get an antenna that’s designed for the specific model of router you have.


With the rise of mobile devices, WiFi networks have become increasingly important for both individuals and businesses. However, poor Wi-Fi signal can make connecting to the network frustrating, especially when it comes to streaming video. If you want to improve the range and speed of your wireless connections and make sure that every device can find its way onto your network easily, upgrading your WiFi antenna is one of the best tools in your arsenal.


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