Gone are the days when projectors take up the entire space in the room because the new vankyo 1080p projector is 40% smaller than usual projectors. These projectors could be your best friend, as they take away your stress with a movie or a gaming experience. Sound, visuals, and experience are beyond perfect in this little projector. You never know this projector could be the little essence that your home was missing and could light up your life with ray beams.

In this article, you will get an insight into this wonderful creation called ‘the small projector’- which might soon enter your homes.

Key Notable Features

This projector has been crafted to perfection with such intricate details that will amaze the audience, as they unfold and discover each one of them.

1. Smallest Projector In The Market

The projector market is vast today with projectors of such unique sizes. It is a rarity to see small projectors- this Vankyo projector is here to fill that gap in the market. Don’t worry if you don’t have a large space available because this projector’s size can provide a cinematic experience even in the tiniest spots.

2. Amazing Sound System

You could be either a movie buff or a gaming buff- this projector has an excellent sound system that will elevate your episode better. Just imagine, your gunshots might be 10 times powerful as they echo powerfully in your ears. The sound system has been designed carefully by the developers so your time with the projectors feels realistic and enhanced. A Dolby sound system effect is now not only limited to the theatres.

3. Bluetooth And Wi-Fi Compatibility

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi might be the essence of today’s modern life. Any appliance that makes its way into your house must be a match with these two essentials. This projector is home to 5G/2.4G dual-band Wi-Fi technology- this means you can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment without your favorite characters freezing at moments of peak suspense.

4. Bring Dolby Cinema In Your House

In technical terms, a Dolby projection offers up to 4 times higher resolution and a 500 times higher contrast ratio- leading to an ultimate screening format. With this projector, you don’t have to let loose of some notes from your wallet for a Dolby Cinematic Experience. Sit back and relax with this projector that brings custom Dolby cinema to your homes.

5. High Lumen Count For Visibility

Lumen Count refers to the brightness of the projector- this means you can say goodbye to any strain on your eyesight. Since this projector holds a very high lumen count, it has increased visibility to the audience. This projector emits a bright ray, reflecting on the screen- providing one beautiful journey.

6. 3 Year Warranty

This projector could hand down be the strongest one out there, however if it does act up a little- you will have a 3-year warranty in your hand that might make your journey with this projector much better. In case you do end up with a little damage, you might have it replaced or fixed in no time.


It is no surprise if you are looking for places where you can grab your very own projector. Don’t fear- Vankyo is here to provide you with the best quality of projectors at affordable prices. Vankyo is home to a wonderful range of projectors- control yourself because you might want to spend a little too much there. Vankyo offers speedy delivery services so it’s now time for you to prepare for your next screen time.


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