Runny water is more appealing to cats because they perceive it to be cleaner than water in a bowl. Cat fountains are a great way to keep your pet amused, but only if you pick the right one. Pets should not drink from decorative fountains for safety reasons. They may pose a danger to your cat and cause it to get hurt.

Cats and Water Bowls

Innate Reactions

Despite the fact that domesticated cats are used to drinking from a water bowl, they may not like it if it is standing water. Standing water seems to be dangerous for cats. On the other hand, running water sounds more appealing to a cat because it gives the impression of being cleaner.

Intimidating Curiosity

Keeping your cat’s water bowl in a corner puts them in the uncomfortable position of facing away from a large area. Cats are keen observers who enjoy keeping tabs on the goings-on in their immediate surroundings. In the absence of other pets, your cat’s instinct is to be alert in the event of an attack or danger.

Perceiving Both Sides

Domesticated cats may be drawn to running water, but research suggests that they don’t prefer fountain water to that in their bowls. As a cat owner, remember that once the novelty of a water fountain has worn off, it may be nothing more than a fancy bowl for them.

How Cat Fountains Function

Cat fountains can be complex or simple, but they all operate in the same way. For your cat to believe they are drinking fresh running water, fill the fountain with filtered water from a series of tubes.

Your cat may be drawn to the sink when you wash your hands. Some of them will drink from the stream, while others will simply paw at it. It doesn’t matter if the water is moving or not. Since your cat can only access the running water in a single area, a pet watering fountain may help keep your sink cleaner.

With a fountain, you can ensure that your cat gets enough water to drink. You can encourage your cat to drink more frequently by playing with the sound of running water.

What to Look for in a Cat Fountain When Purchasing

A pet-safe fountain has been tested and approved for use in homes with pets. Fountains with more elaborate designs may not have the same safety features, putting your cat at risk.

Be specific about what you want. Make a list of your preferences, such as the size, simplicity, and how easy it is to use. You may be interested in looking for complex water fountains with multiple options and settings. The design, features, and price range of fountains are vastly different.

You may want to opt for a smaller fountain to save space if you’re already constrained. A larger fountain may be required if you have many cats.

The fountain should be tested first. Depending on how much water is being pumped, some fountains make a lot of noise while running.

Final Thoughts

Remember that you cannot leave the water in a larger fountain without changing it, even if you’ve purchased a more expensive fountain. The water in large fountains should be changed regularly, just like the water in a bowl. If you are having problems with your cat not drinking enough water, maybe an automatic water fountain can solve the problem.


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