The life of a battery starts decreasing the moment you start using it. No matter how mindful you are, you are bound to changer batterie pc portable MSI. A laptop battery can be replaced at least once in the lifespan of the computer. MSI laptops have built-in batteries, which can also be replaced. Before the battery completely dies, you will have signs and warnings from windows about your battery capacity. With this, you will be able to know when to change your MSI battery.

How do you know it’s time to change your laptop battery?

The first sign of a weakened battery is its power time, indicating that the battery capacity has reduced. However, this does not mean that it’s time to replace your battery unless you check the actual wear out of your battery. The warnings from windows may not give you enough info; you may consider using other means to know the capacity of your battery;

1. Battery capacity checker tools

There is online free and paid software that checks the performance, initial and current battery capacity. Another tool on windows is the Powercfg command; it saves data about the battery capacity and its declination. To get the information, press the Windows key and the X button simultaneously, click on the command prompt, and type “powercfg” (battery report). The information is in HTML format, so you have to check it in your browser.

2. Battery calibration

Calibration will give you an exact estimate of how much life your battery is left with. Getting precise readings prevents the sudden crash of your battery. For Apple brands, calibration can only be done on their older brands with replaceable batteries. For MSI batteries, calibration is done within 8 hours, 3 hours for discharging, 2 hours waiting period, and another 3 hours for recharging.

Some manufacturers have their recommendations for tools that can effectively calibrate your battery. You can check with your manufacturer for this information.

Battery replacement

There are two types of batteries; built-in and user-serviceable ones. The built-in batteries, like MSI, require users to seek help from your manufacturer for battery replacement. Built-in batteries have longer power times and a higher battery capacity. For user-serviceable batteries, the replacement is as easy as removing the old one and replace it with a new one. No professional help is required; it’s advisable to buy laptop batteries from established companies.

Before ordering a new battery, you must check its type, voltage, capacity, and charging current. This information will help you buy the right battery; when it comes to a battery replacement, quality cannot be compromised. Other companies offer good compatible batteries at fair prices.


Regardless of how keen you are on taking care of your laptop battery, its service life is bound to decrease. Three factors contribute to the decrease; level of usage, time, and temperatures. Changing your laptop battery improves its efficiency and performance; it’s advisable not to wait until the battery dies. Keep calibrating your phone to get the correct information about your battery capacity not to experience sudden battery failure.


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